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About colorPlan

Building the future: colorPlan's mission is to help construction companies work more efficiently and transparently, while remaining competitive in a difficult market.



A service that’s simple and easy to adopt. Dedicated project managers ensure easy communication, and customized reports mean we adapt to your workflow.


With color-coded plans and reports, our motto is simple: “If it’s colored, it’s counted!”. Colored plans make verifying and auditing a takeoff simpler than ever. You’ll never need to perform a takeoff multiple times to verify the quantities.


colorPlan’s cutting edge tools ensure your quantities are as accurate as possible. Our 99.5% accuracy ensures your projects will never go over or under budget because of a takeoff mistake.


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Construction Trades

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Interior Systems



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General Contractors

Our Clients

From architects and developpers, to carpenters and bricklayers, colorPlan has a solution for everyone.

General Contractors

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Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers

Our quantity takeoff services provide multiple advantages to architects, interior designers, and engineers.

By providing takeoffs quickly, and with a margin of error of 0.5%, project professionals can provide clients with quotes that are far more accurate. Furthermore, because our quantity takeoffs can be very detailed, or very general, it allows an opportunity to control projects costs in a very granular fashion. Finally, by having such precise quantity reports, architects and clients can now establish a baseline for project bidders:  prices can be easily compared with the correct quantities and reduce the spread of the bids received, as well as easily non compliant bids.

Having detailed quantities, broken down as required (per material, per room, per floor,…), colorPlan quantity reports allow architects, engineers and interior designers to provide a more transparent service, to provide better project quotes, and to overall increase the quality of their service .

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  • colorPlan has helped us tremendously! We’ve been able to quote bigger jobs than ever before, with the confidence that we weren’t making mistakes!

  • Thanks to colorPlan, we were able to outsource our takeoffs. This gives us more time to run our business, with great cost savings.

  • We already have a team of estimators, but when we have overflow, colorPlan allows us to outsource some of our takeoffs without our payroll taking a hit during slower times.